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Why Hire a Sex Crime Defense Lawyer?

Sex crime lawyer preparing for a case in Kaysville, UT.

When accused and facing charges of a sex crime that you know you are innocent of or have been made to be more than they are, you may seem overwhelmed and not know where to turn next. These allegations can ruin, or at least damage your life, and this is why it is important to have legal representation. Even though you may think they will go away, they don’t always work out that way. A defense lawyer will be able to provide legal assistance through their extensive case analysis, access to their qualitative and quantitative resources, knowledge of the Judicial System, and representation in court if it proceeds that far.

Legal Expertise

The sole purpose of a sex crime defense lawyer is to know the specifics of sex crime law. Their specialization is to know every aspect of the law to provide you with the proper guidance for your specific case. A sex crime lawyer will guide you through the process of understanding your charges, the consequences of these charges, and how best represent you within the extent of the law. They will know what arguments to make and how to make them so the judge and jury know what you know. You will need to obtain a lawyer that is backed by a track record of successful results in sex crime cases so that your case will be success for you as well.

Extensive Case Analysis

A sex crime defense lawyer will also be able to read through your charges, evidence, and documents of your case to recommend the best course of action for your specific case. A defense lawyer will comb through all the details to determine what else needs to be investigated to support your side of the story. They will find holes in the case the prosecution has presented and fill those holes with your side of the story. Your lawyer will also examine the credibility of the alleged victim as the prosecution is examining your own credibility. They will present to you the prosecution’s case against you and recommend moving to dismiss the case, settle the case out of court, or seek full exoneration in the courtroom.

Representation in Court

You have the right to a lawyer and for that lawyer to represent you throughout this process. One of more significant ways that your lawyer will represent you is during courtroom proceedings. They will present your case that best represents you so that you are treated fairly with the rights granted to you. A seasoned sex crime defense attorney may be able to get evidence deemed impermissible, possibly dismantling the entire case against you. They will present to the judge and jury the evidence that presents you in the best possible light.


A sex crime defense lawyer not only has a specialization in sex crime law, they also specialize in knowing where to find expert witnesses, how to gather and present evidence, and obtain documents that will best present your case. A sex crime defense lawyer may call an expert witness to speak to psychological disorders and behaviors that can disprove the validity of the claim of a sex crime. These expert witnesses will also be able to speak to the inconsistencies of testimony of other opposing witnesses. An expert witness will also be able to speak to your mental state and behavior and the effects it has on your case.

Knowledge of Judicial System in Court

A sex crime defense lawyer also has extensive knowledge in the proceedings of the Judicial System through its procedures, rules, and the court system as a whole. When presenting your case, it is important to specialize in the entire process of your case and not only what will happen within the courtroom. Your lawyer may be able to have the charges dropped if the charges were not brought in the correct way. A sex crime defense lawyer may be able to have the charges reduced and avoid doing any jail time and/or being listed among sex offenders.

Murphy & Murphy understands the long-lasting consequences involved with these areas of the law, you can rest assured that we won’t ever treat you or your case lightly. We bring over 25 years of experience in practicing law when we come alongside you to present your case in a tough and aggressive way to help have your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced. If you have any further questions, contact us by phone at 801-547-9274 or contact us online.