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The Best Domestic Violence Attorney in the Area

Murphy & Murphy provides citizens with a top-tier domestic violence lawyer in Kaysville, UT. Whether you need to escape an abusive relationship or wish to fight abuse allegations against you, our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to get you through and increase your chances of a favorable outcome. We’re here to guide you in the complexities of the law and address your questions and concerns. We’ve made our clients’ health, safety, reputations, and quality of life top priorities for over 25 years. If you need representation, a lawyer for domestic violence is here to help.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Kaysville, UT

I Need A Domestic Violence Victim Lawyer. Can You Help?

Yes. Domestic abuse is a heinous crime that causes trauma, mental and physical harm, and in some cases, imminent danger. When people think of domestic violence, they often conjure up images of physical abuse and injury, but the truth is that abuse can come in many forms. Further, types of abuse can often be interchangeable or intersect, meaning it’s entirely possible to experience multiple kinds of abuse simultaneously. If you’re experiencing one or more of the following forms of abuse, our domestic lawyer can help:

  • Physical Abuse: Any violence that is physical in nature, such as hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling, biting, and more.
  • Emotional Abuse: Behavior designed to affect a person’s emotional well-being negatively.
  • Psychological Abuse: Spreading fear or threatening physical abuse. Though physical abuse doesn’t leave apparent marks, it has profound adverse effects on the victim’s mind.
  • Verbal Abuse: Threats, remarks, or malicious comments intended to break down the victim’s psyche or instill fear.
  • Economic Abuse: The complete or partial unwanted takeover of a victim’s finances that has a negative impact on their economic stability. Common examples include controlling how a person spends money, when and if they get a job, what kind of job they get, and more.

What Are the Penalties and Collateral Consequences?

If you’re facing a domestic violence charge, the penalties can range from minor to severe. Depending on the accusation’s scope, frequency, and intensity, you could be facing a restraining order, fees, fines, or prison time. Potential penalties worsen if the alleged abuse results in apparent physical harm, injury, or death.

Aside from penalties, you could also face collateral consequences that have a significant effect on your life. These consequences include but are not limited to a permanent criminal record, job loss, revocation or restriction of security clearances, and losing the respect of others.

All allegations of domestic abuse should be taken seriously regardless of their specific details. If you are facing a domestic violence charge that you must fight against, you’ll need a domestic violence defense attorney representing you.

How Do I Get Protection from My Abuser?

If you’re experiencing any type of abuse from your spouse, or they pose a direct threat to your health, well-being, or safety, it’s possible to obtain protective orders that will restrict their access to you and lessen the chances of harm. Further, there are harsh penalties for abusers who violate protective orders. However, it is all too common for judges to deny protective orders due to lack of evidence. That’s why it’s imperative that you hire the best domestic violence attorney to fight for you. If all goes well, a protective order can:

  • Dissuade your abuser from stalking, approaching, or engaging with you.
  • Deter your abuser from harming or threatening you or your family.
  • Prohibit your abuser from possessing or accessing weapons.
  • Grant you temporary custody of your children.
  • Punish your abuser if they fail to adhere to or violate your protective order.

Do I Need A Lawyer for A Domestic Violence Charge?

Yes. A domestic violence charge can have severe consequences that affect your entire life, and a conviction will only exacerbate the issue. Sometimes, public opinion—including those of your friends, family, and community—is dictated before you’re convicted of a crime. It’s a sad truth, but many defendants are “found guilty” before their due process is complete. If you’re facing a domestic violence charge, these areas of your life may be affected most:

  • Termination of employment.
  • Removal of firearms—even those used for protection, hunting, or recreation—from the home.
  • Suspension of a firearms license.
  • Loss of child custody and parental rights.
  • Long-standing or permanent damages to your reputation.
  • Fines and jail time.

Choose Our Domestic Violence Lawyer Today

Murphy & Murphy Law professionals with over two decades of legal experience, we’ve seen the system fail people over and over. Whether you’re attempting to escape your abuser, or if you’ve been accused of being an abuser yourself, we’re the right choice for your representation. We’ve maintained a sterling reputation for helping our clients achieve justice and get their lives back. We’re dedicated to finding the truth and exposing it in the name of the law. If you’re dealing with a domestic violence case, give us a call or fill out our contact form today. A domestic violence attorney is standing by to help you.

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